June RBAC Meeting: North Wenatchee Ave & Confluence Parkway Updates

On Wednesday, June 5th, the Regional Bicycle Advisory Committee met at East Wenatchee City Hall. The RBAC meets monthly to discuss local bicycle planning projects and to work towards implementing the Wenatchee Valley Bike Plan.


RBAC Chair, Bob Stoehr, kicked off the meeting with some regular updates on projects:

  • The Loop Trail extension (WSDOT project) to extend the trail from Euclid to Easy Street is now open. The trail is very smooth and great to ride on right now!

  • The 2019 Bike Everywhere Challenge is complete. We had a few local teams participate this year. You can view the results here.

  • Not in our region…but some great news for the Palouse to Cascades State Park Trail: Historic Beverly Railroad Bridge receives $5.575 million in capital funding for rehabilitation

  • Volunteer with the Goathead Warriors this summer!

  • Volunteer with the Foothills Middle School Outdoor Camp to help 6th graders learn bike safety skills and for some learning to bike for the first time (September 26th-27th). Email Todd Jensen if you can volunteer: jensen.t@wenatcheeschools.org.

    Photos from last September’s Outdoor Camp at Tall Timber Ranch:


Confluence Parkway and North Wenatchee Avenue Presentations

Steve King from the City of Wenatchee and Josh Fedora from KPG shared updated designs for the North Wenatchee Avenue and Confluence Parkway projects.

The discussion covered Loop trail conflicts, potential changes to the trail, an overview of the designs for North Wenatchee Avenue and Confluence Parkway, and a discussion of potential ideas to include in the projects.

This was the first time the RBAC had heard details about the Confluence Parkway project. The project is currently going through an environmental analysis and will be collecting community feedback throughout the process. The City of Wenatchee website has more details and info on the project.

Last summer the City of Wenatchee shared info about North Wenatchee Avenue with the RBAC and the RBAC responded with the memo below. Based on the current designs, the City of Wenatchee and KPG did a great job incorporating RBAC feedback into their designs.


RBAC North Wenatchee Avenue Memo (July 2018)
Apple Capitol Loop Infra Website (info/design drawings on North Wenatchee Avenue and Confluence Parkway)
Confluence Parkway Website

Photo: North Wenatchee Avenue preliminary design

SR285-NORTH WENATACHEE AVENUE_05-03-2019_Page_05.jpg